Directions to Undercliff Guest House Directions from Jersey harbour

Take the road from the ferry, go over the first roundabout, turn right at the next roundabout.
This will take you along the top of the harbour, get in the lane for the tunnel which is easily visible. Look for the sign to "The East"
Go straight over the roundabout at the end of the tunnel, turn left at the next set of lights and get in the middle lane.At the next set of lights( Opposite entrance to Howard Davis Park), go up the hill which is Mont Millais, not left and not right.
Continue along this road until you reach the Five Oaks roundabout, with a Morrison's opposite, go straight over this roundabout, and continue until you reach a little shop called Maufant stores, painted dark green.
Turn left just after the stores, follow this road for about 2 miles, you will pass Jersey Zoo on your left, keep to the main road, about half a mile further on you will see a sign for Bouley Bay on your right or you will soon arrive at Trinity Church, and there is a sign for Bouley Bay there.
Continue all the way done the hill to Undercliff.

Undercliff Guest House

Bouley Bay, Trinity, JE3 5AS, Jersey

Directions to Bouley Bay from Jersey airport

As you come out of the airport you will come to a roundabout, go straight over this roundabout which takes you along the edge of the airport and on past St Peter's Garden Centre.
You will come to some traffic lights, turn left here and continue along the main road and soon you will reach the 20mph zone going through St Peter's Village.
As you come to the end of the 20mph zone there is a large petrol station on your right hand side, just after this there is a turning on the right which is the B32.
Follow this road all the way to the T junction. Over to your left you will be able to see the Windmill Inn.
Turn right here into the B53, past a telephone box and a housing estate on your left, drive slowly.
There is St Mary's Church on your right and St Mary's pub on your left, take the turning on the left just before or just after the pub, turn right at the yellow line, this will lead you to the B33 which is the main road across the north of the island.
Go past St John's Church on your right, this will change to the A9 but keep going straight on this road until you reach the yellow line.
Go left and then sharp right. You are now in Trinity on the A8. Keep going on this road until you reach a junction of 5 roads with a small monument in the shape of a pinnacle on your left.
Here there is a sign to Bouley Bay, or if you miss that turn carry on through on the main road until you reach a yellow line.
Turn left here and then right down to Bouley Bay. Undercliff is near the bottom of the hill.